Gaining deeper insight into our customer's booking habits, to increase conversion rates and the overall experience for multi-day tours.


User Experience Research + Design + User Interface Design

Crafted at Sightseeing Tours Australia™ HQ as UX Lead Designer



We had a clear difference in conversion rates between single day tour bookings and multi-day tour bookings. Following stakeholder interviews, we began the research focusing on empathising with our customers and gaining a better understanding of what they feel and need when interacting with the website.

How might we better understand our customer, to provide a sense of trust & confidence when booking multi-day tours online. 



06. Customer Journey Mapping

07. Competitor Analysis

08. Wireframing + Prototyping

09. Usability Testing

10. AB Testing

01. Stakeholder Interviews

02. User Interviews + Surveys

03. Persona

04. Data + Analytics

05. Affinity + Empathy Mapping


With Sightseeing Tours being the dominant force in the single day tour space, we set out to understand the differences between the two types of tours and discover what feelings and pain points our customers are experiencing. We had amazing amounts of analytics to synthesis and we planned to learn from what the leading competitors are doing in the multi-tour space.



01. Discover the key point of difference between the single day tours and multi-day tours.

02. Discover what our users think when using the SSTA platform.

03. Improve discovery of all tours to increase conversion rates on multi-day tours.

04. As the leader in day tours, begin to replicate that success by taking more market share of the multi day tours.

05. Enhance any key features on the platform and implement insights and discoveries from the user experience process.



We discovered clear results that gave us insight into our customers and their habits. From there we crafted a new intuitive faceted search feature that will allow the user to discover tours available from the destination they are in and for the timeframes they want to travel, customising their experience.

Our research proved that traveller’s that book tours, are very independent and extremely comfortable booking tours unassisted and expect a smooth and easy online experience, gaining all the information and comparisons they need to make the end decision.

By producing a detailed MVP matrix, we discovered that a faceted search function was of highest priority. We now have a roadmap to complete a number of other high value wins to improve the experience for our users, which in turn will increase conversion rates of multi-day tours.