Becoming the global authority in sports event registration through focused user experience and a strong brand story.


User Experience + User Interface Design + Branding

Crafted at W3.Digital



We set out to clearly articulate RegisterNow’s vision and mission statement through crafting a brand that is strong, modern, dynamic and fluid visual brand that connects with and empower users to register, engage and interact with the brand and the platform.

After reimagining the company vision and mission statement, I lead the design of a new system that would connect the everyday athlete (the user) to events near them and inspire event organisers to host events on the platform.



01. Craft & articulate the Register Now brand, identity + position.

02. Create an engaging user-focused experience, that is mobile first.

03. Engage with the primary personas, who will attract and inspire event organisers.

04. Discover and design highly functional features, focused on search, event discovery and content resources.

05. Collect and deliver data to provide real insights.

06. Become the authority on sports events.



01. Stakeholder Interviews

02. User Analysis

03. Research + Data Analysis

04. Customer Journey Mapping

05. Wireframing + Prototyping

06. Competitor Analysis



Achieving a modern, dynamic identity with a strong brand story and a user-focused website, that will allow RegisterNow to produce engaging events and content that will inspire both athletes but also the event organisers.



“It is very exciting time and we absolutely love the new brand and identity and what it stands for - you totally nailed it in our early stages of "refreshment" last year and we are super grateful.  Not only from a design point of view but the rebrand has really helped us to tell our story of who we are and what we stand for!”

Sophie Hamdorf
Brand Visionary, Register Now